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An image of a small woman with shoulder-length dark hair, smiling and holding a fantasy broadsword in front of a stone wallHello! My name is MaryLena and I am a Canadian cellist-turned-mathematician originally from Calgary, AB. At the moment, I am working on my Statistics Ph.D, with research taking place at the Medical Artificial Intelligence and Automation lab. My dissertation itself is a project which uses Deep Q-learning and dynamical systems for optimal treatment policy determination.

Mission: One of the major problems in the world, in my opinion, is a phenomenon called dichotomistic bias: the human tendency to simplify phenomena by imposing dichotomies. While dichotomies aren't necessarily bad in themselves, falsely and/or arbitrarily imposing them gets in the way of justice, honesty, and good scientific research. I am committed to overcoming these through various means including scientific unification of theory, bridging in communication between theorists and applied scientists, and counteracting false dichotomies with balance. In the words of Francois Chollet, "I want to write code that feels like art, and make art that thinks like code". My formalized code of ethics is available here.

Interests: Aside from the topics in my dissertation work  -Reinforcement Learning (& more generally optimal control), counterfactual data imputation, dynamical systems, and radiation treatment planning - I enjoy thinking about philosophy and take heavy influence from both Aquinas and Foucault. I am also interested in physics, having taken elective classes on the topic (both undergraduate and graduate level); I've had the pleasure of contributing to some research work on the ATLAS project as well. I find the intersection between statistics, information theory, and particle physics fascinating - it just blows my mind that the Cramer-Rao lower bound is essentially the same thing as the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. Another fun project I worked on for a class was a cosmology-based mean free path simulation which investigates the question of how far on average a person should be able to see without their line of site intersecting with a star.

Hobbies: I really love outdoor and athletic activities - camping and hiking in Canada are my favorite vacation types, and on the off-seasons I lift. Music and art are important to me as well: I enjoy going to heavy metal shows as well as playing fantasy RPGs. Here you can see some photos I've taken on hikes in my beautiful home country, Canada :)